Stand 26
We'll be exhibiting Geberit Mapress, the press-fit piping system for every application, as well as our brand new product - Geberit FlowFit; the innovative multi-layer supply piping system that can be pressed using just two jaws for the entire system. We'll also be exhibiting our Geberit Duofix frame systems. Neatly concealed behind the wall, they’re the perfect solution for every style, shape and space - from standard installations to under a window or sloping ceiling.


  • Tools, instruments and workwear
  • Pipes, fittings and valves
  • Training
  • Bathrooms and showers



Geberit FlowFit
Geberit FlowFit
Geberit FlowFit is the innovative supply system that facilitates the perfect installation process. Effortless and intuitive to use, Geberit FlowFit provides a whole new experience in sanitary installation. Everything that makes work difficult and cumbersome has been deliberately avoided. Instead, flowing drains, excellent ideas and a whole host of innovative product details make Geberit FlowFit the sanitary solution of the future.


Geberit FlowFit 2021 – Campaignmovie
Geberit FlowFit